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Randie Forne` -  Entertainment Producer /  R.F. Entertainment Productions  (Raleigh, NC) 

R.F. Entertainment Productions is an organized group of community members who nurture, develop and create opportunities for ambitious individuals who are creative in Music, Theatre, Literary and Visual Arts.  

Not only is Randie Forne`an entertainment producer: music, theatre, literary and visual arts, he possesses the  Soulful/R&B voice that has been missing from the world of music a long time! Randie's classic, yet modern style is rare and he has clearly mastered the art. Only an artist of his caliber can deliver such heart-felt songs and music.

             This well-seasoned tenor has awed a large variety of music lovers. Known to raise goose-bumps with his ballads, other songs take on different styles including up-beat dance tunes. His unique melodies and vocal harmonics are simply captivating! Range and vocal acrobatics soothes the ear in all of his ballads as well as energize the soul with his bass and beat-driven dance tracks. 

                                          R.F. Entertainment Productions

 R.F. Entertainment productions is an organized group of community members who create and provide creative opportunities for youths and adults who aspire to achieve success in arts and entertainment. Our therapeutic values promote life skills that produce positive members of society by fueling their aspirations and ambitious efforts in the arts. Through theater, music, literary and visual arts, we bring innovative and empowering career virtues on all levels and  anyone can become a member regardless of race,  gender, age, religion or social status. Although we accept sponsorships, we are primarily funded by our own contributions and donations. Because we function as would a non-profit organization, any and all donations and contributions go directly toward materials and services necessary to sustain, proceed and promote this mission.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Randie Forne` 

Randie Forne` is and has always been helping others. His education/employment history weighs heavy in the psycho-therapeutic field  and he has accumulated college credits at Wake Technical College . He has co-facilitated support groups for high-risk individuals of diverse communities, assisted in case management,  and  has  participated  in several outreach programs. 

 Randie Forne` is the perfect choice of live entertainment for adults and family alike; according to the occasion.



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